Corporate security is our business. ASET Corporation provides highly specialized security and investigative services to corporations and organizations designed to eliminate security and liability risks on an international scale. We are the industry leaders in executive and celebrity personal protection and asset protection. Our experienced consultants develop, implement and manage comprehensive programs that address your organization’s specific security needs.




Executive Protection & Celebrity Protection

We provide personal protection to dignitaries, celebrities, corporate executives and their families. Our Protection Specialists are selected exclusively from elite military and law enforcement units. Executive and celebrity Protection Specialists are required to exceed the physical fitness standards set by the Cooper Institute and the U. S. Secret Service, graduate from an executive protection academy and qualify with fire arms four times a year. We also provide Personal, Estate and Yacht security.


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Undercover Investigations

ASET Corporation provides companies with Special Agents trained to conduct long term covert investigations from within the client’s organization. Agents are trained to recognize and submit unbiased reports to the client concerning any internal violations of corporate policies and violations of civil and criminal law that are being committed by employees such as sexual harassment, discrimination, sabotage, espionage, theft and fraud.

Operations are also coordinated with federal and local law enforcement agencies to identify employees with substance abuse problems and target drug dealers operating on company premises...  learn more



Education and Training
ASET Corporation was founded with the belief that by providing effective education and training to employees, corporations will greatly reduce occurrences of employee substance abuse, workplace violence, employee theft, and sexual harassment. ASET Education Consultants provide on-site seminars that train managers, supervisors and general employees to recognize problems and properly document them. Education Consultants also train members of management to create and pro-actively implement polices to reduce future instances of employee drug use and other violations of corporate policies... learn more

Risk Management

Our Risk Management Teams respond to strikes, labor disputes, plant closures, large scale lay offs, high risk terminations and other potentially volatile situations. Risk Management Teams respond quickly with specialized units trained to provide perimeter security, conduct covert surveillance operations, secure company assets, and provide personal protection for at risk personnel...  learn more



Background Investigation

Background checks are more important than ever to employers and ASET Corporation offers a full range of background investigation services to our clients.

Each year, businesses lose over $40 billion dollars to employee theft and dishonesty. A detailed review of an applicant's background can assist employers in hiring qualified applicants... learn more


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